Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Day World

Another blog, huh. Something that has now and again crossed the mind of this hard-working, underpaid pianist and professor – but would I have the, well, sense of self, shall we say, let alone the devotion and time to mine the recesses of my mind to find anything of interest to anyone…?

Well, existential angst aside, the time is now, as they say. After many years of hoping, longing and yearning, I am part of an ongoing piano trio. Pianists are a lonely bunch, of course – all those hours alone at a keyboard, hammering deep thoughts out into the ether. And while the trio rep is not quite the Schatzkammer available to string quartets, there is an awful lot of good stuff out there. And despite the wonderful previous occasions playing these – in music school, summer festivals, pick-up gigs here or there – still, the dream of a group who lived together with these pieces, working together in a range of situations – who knows, maybe even having some of those soap-opera scenas the quartets get to write about….

Well so far, there has been: a long and exhausting search for a name; a concert, learned, and performed at a wonderful local retirement community the night before one of us left for foreign parts; and a benefit concert for the local NPR classical music station (WFSQ) scheduled 2 nights after one of our members returned from foreign parts…in the end we were given a boon from on-high when the threat of a tropical storm (this is Florida, after all) caused said benefit to be delayed by a couple of weeks. We got to rehearse!!

But coming up, we have several concerts in several states, a Weill Hall concert in May (and who doesn’t love that Big Apple), a Beethoven Triple in the Gewandhaus no less – and who knows what else. The days are early.

So here it is – the inauguration of The Trio blog. The life and times of mid-life musicians embarking on a new and exciting project. The Three Musicteers. Or just a really good time for us and our friends. Time, as they say, will tell. In the meantime, wish us well

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